Fuel, ADR and oil tankers

Fuel, ADR and oil tankers

We have a modern fleet with a maximum age of up to five years. We own tank trucks with a capacity of 1.000 to 34.000 litres. We usually carry out tank transport of fuel, ADR substances and various types of oils. We use specialized chemical ADR L4BH tank trucks for the transport of hazardous substances. We can transport multiple products at the same time thanks to our multi-chamber tanks.

ADR tanker equipment

  • ADR tankers have either a pump (fuel) or a compressor (chemical).
  • Top and bottom filling.
  • Various types of adapters and connecting fittings.
  • Printer and counter in fuel tankers.
  • Low dispensing (range 25 m) and high dispensing (range 15 m) only for fuel tankers.
  • Only high dispensing option for chemical tankers.

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Did you know that we changed the oil of the National Theatre transformer station?


We place particular emphasis on quality and reliability. All our drivers have Czech nationality and are regularly trained according to the latest regulations and standards. A better financial reward for the driver is not a problem for us.

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