Fuel transport

Fuel transport

In addition to transporting oil and chemicals, we also transport fuels. We can transport fuel even for small customers thanks to smaller tankers, with a minimum quantity of 1.000 litres. We supply structures up to 25 metres away from the tanker. Our partners include ORLEN Unipetrol and ČEPRO.

Over thelimit transport

The transport of a certain amount of fuel falls under the transport of below-limit quantity and is not subject to classical rules and regulations. For example, the maximum amount is 333 litres for petrol it is 1.000 litres for diesel. However, the transport of fuels is covered by the ADR if you exceed this amount. Please note that these rules only apply to pre-packaged products.

Sale of fuel

We are not a fuel wholesale store, we do not sell fuel separately, we only import fuel.

Variety of customers

The range between the lower and upper limit of the fuel volume that we are able to transport provides us with a diverse range of customers from multinational companies to small farms.

Ready for anything

Not much can surprise us when transporting fuel thanks to the various types of adaptors and threads that tankers carry every day.

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